Program UliTank

The next module in the work flow after UliLines is UliTank. Based on a regression analysis of towing tank results UliTank estimates the resistance of the hull of a sailing yacht for a given speed. The computing of the complete resistance curve takes only a few seconds on any computer. Therefore UliTank is much better suited for the optimization of the hull form than expensive CFD-Programs. For comparison: In the Wide-Light-Project the CFD-Program OpenFoam requires 21 hours computing time on a CPU with 64 cores for a single speed-point. In the current version UliTank_3.4 the resistance can be computed for a bare or appended hull, heeled or upright, with or without sideforce or leeway. The table of offsets that is required as input to UliTank can come from any CAD-system, the origin of the lines-plan is not restricted to UliLines. Several different input formats are allowed.The program can be downloaded free of charge. The theoretical background is described in this report.

Details of the program are explained in the user's manual that can be downloaded here:
UliTank  User's manual:           pdf

A zipped file with the executable program UliTank_3.4 can be downloaded here                 UliTank                 (click on picture)

A good place for questions and discussions is this Forum.

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