Program UliLines

UliLines is a program for the parametric hull form generation of sailing yachts. Based on a few input parameters the software creates a faired hull. The output file contains a table of offsets, that can be read by several CAD-programs. The version 3.3 can be downloaded free of charge. UliLines can be regarded as the automated process of the work that is normally performed by the CAD-designer in many iteration loops.
UliLines_4.4 was developed especially for the design of modern hulls with a vertical stem and flat bottom. It employs an improved fairing and more control over the shape of the hull. It is also possible to compute the parameters for different drafts. Details are explained in the user's manual that can be downloaded here:

UliLines_4.4  User's manual            pdf

The executable program UliLines_4.4.exe will be sent to you by e-mail after a donation of 39 Euros. If you like the software to be sent to another e-mail address than that one given in the donation, please write an e-mail to "ulrich[a]". In case you do not want to spend the money, click on the nutshell and take the free version.

A zipped file with the executable program UliLines_3.3 can be downloaded here                 UliLines                 (click on nutshell)

A good place for questions and discussions is this Forum

If this software is helpful for you, please consider making a donation. This will also enable further updates.

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