Program Sail2D

A further module in the workflow would be the simulation of the rig. This work is in progress. Classical wing theory can be used to calculate the forces acting on the sails. The theory relies on the input of the aerodynamic characteristics of the 2D sail sections. The program XFOIL was used to create a database of discrete values of the required coefficients. The theoretical background is described in this report. Sail2D is a program that interpolates in the database and provides the coefficients for sections with optimimum camber at arbitrary independent variables. In the version 2.2 linear interpolation is replaced by spline interpolation, a bug is fixed and the range of allowed mast diameters is extended to D/c = 50%. In version 2.4 a module is added that also calculates the coefficients for saill sections with a fixed and predescribed camber.

Details of the program are explained in the user's manual that can be downloaded here:
Sail2D User's manual:           pdf

A zipped file with the executable program Sail2D can be downloaded here        Download Sail2D  (click on picture)

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